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dr vasuThe Chief surgeon's message

"The best results of Liposuction depend on choosing the right patient, educating the patient regarding healthier life style and matching the surgical expertise & technology to one's requirement. Liposuction cannot be a treatment for obesity. It is ideally done for people with localized deposits of fat, which is not responding to diet control or exercise.Have a safe Liposuction"

Dr. vasu is a highly qualified surgeon with exclusive training from the world renowned Instituto Javier de Benito, Barcelona to perform body contouring procedures with highest standards in safety and care. He places more importance on the following three factors.
Safety - Provision of safe surgical and anaesthetic standards followed by all accredition organizations internationally.
Quality - The expertise of a surgeon who has performed thousands of aesthetic corrective procedures.
Affordability - Avail the safety and quality of international standard at charges that go easy on your pocket.                      Dr.Vasu's Profile

What exactly is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves removing unwanted fat deposits with an aesthetic purpose. The fat that is suctioned out can be from different places of the body like Arms, Abdomen, Hips, Thighs or calves.The fat is removed with the help of a blunt cannula connected to a suction device.

The areas of excessive fat formation differ from each individual. Some people have a normal body but a big belly (abdominal fat). Some cases have a normal physique but larger thighs and some may have extra large sized hips. The areas of the body where fat gets accumulated is sometimes decided genetically and inherited by the person from his/her parents too.

Who is "a good candidate for Liposuction"

1. Male / Female with localized deposits of fat within the age group of 18-45 years.
2. Person within 15 kilo over their ideal body weight.
3. People with controlled pre-existing diseases also can take liposuction.
4. People who's skin is very elastic
5. People with fat deposits tough to be removed by atleast six months of diet control and exercise
6. Has realistic expectations about the results - Is it not unrealistic for a person weighing 95 Kg to undergo liposuction to remove 10-15 Kg of fat and expect to show up next day with flat ab and slim thighs? Talk to the surgeon in detail about the expected results, to avoid disappointment post-surgery.

Who is "not a good candidate for liposuction"

1. People with High BMI. Liposuction is NOT suitable for obese people
2. People with Pot belly
3. People with critical illness/suffering from chronic diseases
4. Older people (beyod the age 50 years)
5. People who intake certain medication that can increase the risk of bleeding

Liposuction myths

1. Liposuction will rectify pot belly - Liposuction cannot correct pot belly
2. Liposuction is a treatment for obesity - It is not.
3. No incisions/cuts are made on the body (except in case of ultrasonic liposuction where there are no cuts) - Incisions are made
4. Liposuction helps reduce 15-20 kg of body weight in a session - It is not possible to remove more fat than 5% of your total body weight per session.
5. Liposuction relives you of Joint pains and back ache - This may not be completely true.

Post liposuction care

1. Pressure garments -help in reducing the accumulation of fluids under the skin after the surgery process..
2. Lymphatic massages - These massages are required to remove the excessive fluids accumulated within the body. The massages also expedite the healing process and helps faster recovery post liposuction.
3. Nutritious food / fat free diet - is the most important factor that keeps you away from accumulating fat again.
4. A healthy life style -Reduce alcohol intake as this is scientifically proven to be one of the causes for weight gain/obesity
5. Regular exercising to maintain the fat loss -To be resumed after 3 weeks of Liposuction surgery. Exercising regularly, a brisk walk in the morning or evening goes a long way apart from managing your weight. A bit of physical exercise everyday also reduces the risk of several diseases.

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cost of liposuction in hyderabad

cost of liposuction in hyderabad

cost of liposuction in hyderabad

Ultra sound liposuction in Hyderabad for minor weight loss requirements like reshaping thighs, toning of abs, e.t.c. Due to the non invasive nature of ultrasound, this non surgical liposuction in Hyderabad is much preferred.


Another non invasive liposuction is done by using LASER. Laser beams are used to rupture fat deposits under the skin. Laser liposuction in Hyderabad is also gaining popularity due to its safety compared to other surgical liposuction methods.