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Cost of liposuction in Hyderabad

The complete cost of Liposuction procedure varies with each individual. While the charges provided here are only "approximations" and should not be considered as a standard benchmark. Liposuction charges involves the following components:

Liposuction - Surgical costs include:

1. The surgeon's fee
2. The Anesthesiologist's fee
3. The operation theater expenses
4. Pre-op diagnostic checks and related charges
5. Surgical consumables
6. Drugs and disposables

Cost of Liposuction - Suction assisted (Surgical)

Cost of 1 Hour session - 65,000 INR + 12.3% service tax
Cost of 2 Hour session - 95,000 INR + 12.3% service tax
Cost of 3 Hour session - 1,15,000 INR + 12.3% service tax

Cost of Liposuction - VASER (Surgical)

1. Hour session - 1,05,000 INR + 12.3% service tax
2. Hour session - 1,35,000 INR + 12.3% service tax
3. Hour session - 1,55,000 INR + 12.3% service tax

Cost of Liposuction - Ultrasonic (Non-surgical)

We recommend a minimum of four sessions of Ultrasonic liposuction as the outcome of a single session is not good enough for many people. Each session lets you lose a small amount of fat and over 4 sessions, a significant change is noticed.

The charges are 30,000 INR for Four sessions of Ultrasonic Liposuction.

Liposuction - Maintenance costs include:

1. Lymphatic massages cost
2. Pressure garments cost

1. Lymphatic massages help recovery after the liposuction procedure and are a great way for toning the skin which is loosened after fat loss. Each massage session lasts for 20-30 minutes and is charged at 1500 INR/massage session and you may need to take 2-3 massages per week for 4-6 weeks.
2. Pressure garments keep your skin tight and present a better look after liposuction. These pressure garments, which are worn as inner wear are provided at Divine Proportions at affordable cost.

Standard caveat:

1. The cost mentioned above is a rough estimate and does not include all possible factors into consideration.
2. Cost will be higher for Diabetic patients and patients with hyper-sensitivity.

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cost of liposuction in hyderabad